Hiring Process

Hiring Process

Help Company and employee to grow

Hire Aviation recruitment experts will identify, screen and recruit the best and most qualified aviation candidates. As your go-to aviation recruiting expert, it’s our objective to hasten the recruitment process without compromising the quality of our service.  

We take pride in the professionalism and personalized services which our reputable consultants offer our clients. At Hire Aviation, we have a uniform process in place which makes it easier for clients to do business with us. Consequently, the result we produce is consistent and we will ensure there is flexibility to meet the staffing needs of our clients.

Brandon Strahan

Hire Aviation CEO

Hire Aviation’s 5 Step Recruiting Process

Knowing the Candidates

Hire Aviation persuades each client to meet with one of our experienced recruiters to get a mutual knowledge of the chance that’s being presented, help in personalized client search and learn about organization culture and working environment. Therefore, this ensures that we are able to target the right candidates and enhance the chance of a successful placement

We will do the Search, You Can Leave the Groundwork for Us

At Hire Aviation, we source from a large database of candidates who are qualified for the available roles and make use of a wide network of aviation experts. Through a dynamic and effective combination of search methods, our experienced recruiting experts will discover, recruit and pre-screen qualified candidates.

Managing the Process

We will manage the client interview process from the beginning to the end. We will ensure that we keep the client aware of candidate views, dealing with false impression, ensuring the process is moving at the right pace and managing the expectations of the candidates. Also, we believe that attention to detail can be the major difference between success and failure in the hiring process.

Presenting the Offer

A comprehensive compensation package analysis will be presented to the candidate in order to enhance the attractiveness of the company’s offer. Therefore, expectations on both sides must always be reviewed and challenged through the whole process. Also, our years of experience in managing these situations will be priceless in maximizing the chance of getting the best candidate.

Follow Up

At Hire Aviation, we stay in close contact with our clients and new staff in order to ensure the success of each placement. Hire Aviation has a proven process in place that will ensure candidates arrive to work on time and are ready to work.