Job Description:
To lead functions assigned in the performance of aircraft quality control inspection to ensure airworthiness of aircraft.

  • Ensures that all work performed complies with applicable technical data, FAA regulations and Company policies and procedures.
  • Reviews non-preplanned documents to identify methods of repair and/or replacement identifying necessary parts, materials and tooling requirements.
  • Provides timely estimate for all maintenance on non-preplanned documents within scope of responsibility.
  • Ensures that all aircraft parts/components removed from an aircraft in work, that are to be routed to Technical Services, are documented by a valid job number and that the work scope is properly identified.
  • Responsible for the proper execution of parts tags attached to repairable, serviceable, or condemned parts.
  • Performs aircraft inspection, flightline operations and shop work necessary to maintain aircraft in safe and airworthy condition.
  • Inspects parts and materials purchased for use in maintaining, modifying and configuration of aircraft and equipment to see that quality, allowable tolerances, etc. meet the specifications and standards set by the company and the applicable manufacturer.
  • Responsible for recording all inspection data on forms, reports and inspection tags and bringing to the attention of the Chief Inspector any irregularities in the standard practice used that would cause injury to personnel or make the aircraft unsafe.
  • Ensures that corrective actions used on all types of work cards have proper references documented as to work performed.
  • Ensure that RIIs are properly identified on all work cards used in accordance with customer procedures manuals.
  • Ensures that all Work-In-Progress Conformity Records are properly documented as to work performed for that shift assigned.
  • Performs the function of receiving inspector for those parts or materials routed for checking.
  • Tests tightness of airframe connections with hand tools and utilizes flashlight and mirror to inspect fit of parts.
  • Examines assembly, installation, and adjustment of ailerons and rudders to ensure that workmanship and materials conform with Civil Air Regulations, company specifications, and manual procedures.
  • Determines accuracy of installation of components in power plant and hydraulic system using protractor, micrometer, calipers, and gauges to ensure that specified tolerances are met.
  • Signs inspection tag to approve unit, or records reasons for rejecting unit.
  • Logs inspections performed on aircraft.

Job Requirements:

  • Five years’ experience in aircraft inspection preferred.
  • A&P License and valid driver’s license required
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Yes